Form and Importance of the Revolution 1848

Form and Importance of the Revolution 1848:

The Revolution of February 1848 was not a planned revolution. According to Alfred Cubbon, it was a sudden revolution. When the revolution broke out in February the political leaders had no idea of it. They only demanded reforms. On the third day, the revolution turned Republican and aimed at driving out the constitutional monarchy of Louis Philippe and establishing a republic. But the Republicans had to face a challenge from the socialists. The republicans temporarily allowed socialists to join them in the interim government. For some time the struggle between the socialists and the middle class Republicans continued but finally with the failure of the revolution in June 1848 the socialists were defeated because the peasants supported the Republicans.

With the victory of the supporters of democracy over the socialists the third stage of the revolution came to an end. In the fourth and last stage of the revolution, the supporters of Bonaparte came out victorious and Louis Napoleon was elected the first president of the Second Republic. The efforts to end the republic started from the very same time and it finally ceased in 1852. Thus the revolution remained under the influence of the upper middle class, reformists, republicans, and socialists and finally, the same middle class which had benefitted from the revolutions of 1789 to 1880 came out victorious. In the revolution of 1848 like that of the 1789 the revolutionaries wanted to do one thing but something else happened. Both times the people wanted to establish their political supremacy but both times Napoleon established his empire.

The revolution of 1848 was an important event in the political history of France. It expanded franchises, snatched power from the middle class, and handed it over to the public. This revolution made an unprecedented contribution to the development of democracy. On February 25, 1848, the Republican government issued a notification that every citizen would have the right to work. So this benefitted the workers and artisans. With it, the experiment of constitutional monarchy failed in France. The revolutionaries decided to replace the monarchy with a republic. The greatest importance of this revolution was that inspired by it revolutionary and liberal movements broke out in England, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy.

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